Anadolu Efes seeks two wins in Spain

Anadolu Efes will confront Barcelona Lassa in the third match of the THY European League playoff quarter-finals today. The group intends to exploit in the arrangement which is presently drawn at 1-1.

The third match of the arrangement, which will be played at the Palau Blaugrana Sports Hall in Barcelona, will begin at 22:00 and will be communicated live from beIN Sports Haber.

Anadolu Efes had a 75-68 win in the primary round of the arrangement, which was played in Istanbul. Barcelona Lassa had won the second amusement, additionally in Istanbul, 74-72, exploiting into their hands in the arrangement that groups achieve the Final Four with three successes.

Anadolu Efes needs to exploit by vanquishing its adversary again and mark its name on the Final Four on the off chance that it wins the two diversions in Spain. The fourth round of the arrangement will likewise be played in Spain on Friday

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